Promoting Your Blog the Simple Way

The initial feeling of anxiety and loneliness on the virtual world usually haunts bloggers who are just starting up. People are always worried when they start a blog. Let’s face it: to get people to visit your site is every website owner’s primary concern. It’s not very easy to drive traffic to your website, particularly during the days when the practice of linking with other websites was not yet the norm.

As competition and platforms have grown wider, a linking and endorsing pattern among websites has opened up, resulting in a strategic technique that we simple business owners and bloggers can make use of, too. Consider how YouTube videos can easily be linked and embedded in Facebook and Twitter accounts, or how you can post your tweets in your WordPress and Blogger blogs. These are wonderful innovations we can maximize and utilize even as ordinary users of the internet.

Let’s say you are a starter. All you have is a blog where you publish stuff about your business. After setting up a well maintained blog, the next thing you can do is sign up in major social networking sites that can help you promote your blog. Nowadays, many Marketing Resellers are doing this technique as part of their basic website advertising.

The three most popular social networking sites – Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – are more than enough to launch an explosive promotion of your site. Remember to register consistent account names across these sites so that when people link with these, they will not be confused. For example, if you have already used a niche-defining website name for your blog, then you should register the same name for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. This way, people will easily associate your social networking accounts with your business blog, and they will remember you more.

Twitter and Facebook
While on Twitter, your tweets should be personalized but not too personal; they must be focused on things related to your business. Do not tweet about your daily routines and musings. Be sure to tweet only about the things that will help your business or will directly promote your blog. Do not tweet things like “What a day! I have to finish my Yogurt diet!” because it sounds too personal and has nothing to do with your business whatsoever. Your tweets and your blog will lose their identity if you do something like this. Stay in your niche, and always remember that you are using Twitter and Facebook as tools for promoting your business. The relevance of your posts to your niche is important, so do not mix your personal posts with business matters. This may not only confuse your site visitors, it might annoy them as well. They want to know about your products and services; they’re not interested about your personal life.

If you are camera shy and you have no desire to be an instant celebrity, you can create promotional videos without appearing in them yourself. Be creative. You can employ different styles to create a promotional video without showing your face in front of the camera or acting like a fake guru promoting something. Consider simple animations, simple videos with relevant background music. Use YouTube to connect your viewers to your accounts, most importantly to your blog site.

Now, use your blog to consolidate your Tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos. Write on a regular basis and expand thoughts and ideas you can’t express on limited networking sites. You don’t have to be a creative writer or a novelist to grab someone’s attention. Just be yourself, utilize the social networking sites, and blog passionately.

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Be a Passionate Blogger

Blogging is just the trend nowadays. Almost everyone has a blog. Even my little sister owned one – something highschooly, where she posted simple stuff like her typical school day happenings, her high school prom and the things she wished for this Christmas. I had a blog, too. Through it, I sold handed down game consoles. I rarely had good sales, though. Actually, I was not really particular about the sales, I was just jealous of my sister’s blog’s page rank. In my mind, I asked myself, Why does her blog rank higher than my mine? She was young and knew nothing about SEO and still she got more traffic than I did. That was three years ago, when I was still starting to learn the basics of SEO.

I won’t talk about SEO technicalities or SEO Resellers, but I just want to share something I learned while I was studying SEO.

My sister’s blog ranked higher than mine because she had 3 things I didn’t have at the time.

Focus. I remember, when she would close her door to blog, there would be no chance for me to disturb her. She would always lock her door, just like a scientist intensely focused in an experiment. And she had only one reason for blogging: she loved it.

Sincerity. My sister was so sincere in her writing. She may not have had expert writing skills, but whatever she published on her site was written from the heart, and somehow her readers felt the sincerity in her blogs. She seriously took ownership of her work, too. Nobody could mock her ideas. She would fight for them whatever it takes.

Passion. At that time, she did nothing but study and blog. After diligently doing her homework for school, she would write on her blog. Nobody pressured her into blogging, and making money from her blog was definitely not her motivation. She would finish her homework, do some household chores, and then go up to her room and write. This became her daily routine.

Focus, sincerity, passion – these were three things I didn’t have during those times. Yes, I did have a blog for my business, but I was not really into console gaming. I only got involved in it because it became a trend in our school and I thought it a good idea to sell things online, just like what my friends were doing. On the other hand, my sister was so unaware that she found her niche by simply loving her craft. She even had ollowers from around the globe, young teenagers like her.

I already remember it. I was so concerned with sales. I am not saying that it is wrong to think of sales and money when doing business. Actually, money is the reason why we do business. The point is, when we focus on revenue alone, we lose our passion, sincerity and dedication to the business. Once we fall in love with what we are doing, it will impact our blogging positively, and eventually the whole business would benefit.

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